About Alankit

Alankit Forex India Limited, a subsidiary company of Alankit Group, is the best platform for foreign currency exchange as the company delivers a gamut of premium Forex services with utmost efficiency and customer-centricity. Having acquired over two decades of extensive experience in the industry, Alankit has emerged as a market leader with expertise in fulfilling the diverse forex needs of its customers. Plan your overseas trip by picking the best option of products & services offered by Alankit

Alankit provides its customers efficient foreign currency exchange services by facilitating buying, selling & transfer of foreign exchange at best currency exchange rates as well as premium products like prepaid forex cards with minimum transaction charges. Alankit facilitates SWIFT & e-cheque, wire transfers or Telegraphic Transfers (TT) which is the quickest way to electronically transfer funds for remitting money to another country

Major benefits you can expect

  • Alankit offers travellers a transparent medium to meet all their requirements in the Forex domain
  • Features such as live tracking and updates make payment & currency procuring easier than ever
  • Alankit is an RBI authorized agent and has tie-ups with leading banks & forex companies
  • Alankit lets you carry multiple currencies and transfer funds in safe & quick manner
  • Forex experts at Alankit offer professional assistance for timely processing of customer requests
  • Minimum transaction charges on card usage at overseas ATMs

Foreign currency exchange

Rely on foreign currency exchange services by Alankit with the best competitive rates/ currency value in the market at any given point of time. The company ensures ease & transparency in the conversion process by displaying real-time currency rates and enabling customers to keep their forex expenses to a minimum.

Prepaid Forex Card

Make easy payments when travelling in a foreign country with Alankit’s prepaid forex cards, available in multiple currencies, and save on cross currency conversion charges. Forex travel cards promise convenience with features like PIN protection, SMS alerts for each transaction, online access or internet-based transactions.