Prepaid Forex card

Prepaid Forex card

Prepaid Forex Travel Cards by Alankit Forex India Limited is the best companion when it comes to travelling anywhere across the globe, be it on business or for leisure. Now you do not have to depend on traditional mode of foreign currency payment for your overseas trip. Prepaid forex travel cards are much convenient than carrying cash or debit / credit card. Highly preferred by overseas travellers, the best forex travel card in India offered by Alankit are available in multiple currencies and makes it extremely easy to make payments at different places while on the go.

Through features like , SMS alerts for each transaction, online access or internet-based transactions, Alankit prepaid forex travel cards guarantees reliability and a comfortable travel experience as it takes care of all the expenditures without any hassle of visiting currency exchange counters. Travellers can buy forex card online by providing the equivalent amount in their native currency i.e. INR and easily load the required currency amount in the card. This can be done through a simple procedure by providing necessary documents as ID proof.

Get these benefits with Alankit:

  • Set the amount of currency in the card as per their requirement
  • Pre-loaded with the set amount of particular currency of the region
  • Easily withdrawal of cash in the foreign currency
  • Reasonable cross currency transaction charges
  • Shop directly like a debit card and check remaining balance
  • Minimum transaction charges on card usage at overseas ATMs

Why Choose Alankit:

  • Customer-centricity
  • Customised solution
  • Online access
  • Secure transactions