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Best ways to exchange your currency

May 18, 2019 Alankit

Best ways to exchange your currency

Adequate finances are on top of the list of things viz. passport, visa, documents, clothes & accessories, medicines, among others required for an overseas travel. Finding the best international currency exchange is possible nowadays through the online mode as many reputed agencies in India are offering the best forex services on their portals. Alankit Forex India Limited, which is a subsidiary of Alankit Group, offers various Forex products & services to overseas travellers with the objective to save them from all hassles through prompt support.

Those wondering where to exchange currency in India can reach out to Alankit representatives and get instant and reliable solutions covering international currency exchange at prevalent conversion rates, prepaid forex travel cards, travellers cheques, wire transfers and travel insurance plans.

Although, many travellers prefer to carry cash on their trip, there’s an equal number that finds other options like Forex Cards quite convenient. Let us understand what the best ways to exchange currency are.

Visit your local bank

Many banks & financial institutions sell foreign currency which could be one convenient way for international currency exchange. The easiest way to get access to foreign currency is to buy it from your local bank branch. However, currency exchange is only possible if a person holds an account in that branch. One should enquire about the exchange rate of the foreign currency and the service fee which the bank charges.

Reach out to authorized dealers

Overseas travellers should be careful while choosing the most reliable agent among a host of them available in the market. And, the rates may vary. RBI authorized dealers are dependable and most of them offer competitive rates compared to banks. Also, one should insist on an international currency exchange receipt as this proves as the source of one’s funds in India.

Use your debit / credit card

When one is clueless about where to exchange currency, debit / credit cards can prove to be extremely handy. Foreign transaction fees and international ATM fees may apply while using a debit card. On the other hand, using a credit card may invite additional charges such as currency exchange fees, transaction fees, or service charges on cash advances. Yet, some credit card companies offer the best international currency exchange rates which is closest to the official rate. Debit / credit cards are ideal for payments for hotel bills, air tickets, car rentals & restaurant meals.

Go for a prepaid forex card

Prepaid forex travel card is popular among international travellers as it promises a comfortable experience while making payments in international currency. Forex cards come with features like PIN protection, SMS alerts for each transaction, online access or internet-based transactions and are highly convenient for carrying multiple currencies. Prepaid forex cards offer travellers protection against currency fluctuations, options to lock-in the exchange rate and minimum transaction charges. Alankit is recognised as a reliable international currency exchange service provider offering the best prepaid forex cards in India and also helps customers save on cross currency conversion charges.

Access Airport Kiosks only in emergency

Travellers must avoid availing exchanging money at international currency exchange outlets at airports, unless extremely necessary. The rate they charge is usually between 5 to 10 percent.

Opt for travellers cheques

Availing travellers cheques is a common way for international currency exchange. The biggest advantage of travellers cheques is the option to get a refund in case it is lost or stolen during an overseas trip.

Travellers must keep the above points which explain about where to exchange currency and get the maximum benefits. Alankit is a market leader, with over two decades of national & international presence, having in-depth expertise & knowledge about the Forex market. The company has a proven track record in offering dedicated and timely assistance to cater to the needs of diverse customers.

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