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Money Transfer Service Scheme is a quick and easy way of transferring personal remittances from abroad to beneficiaries in India. Only inward personal remittances into India such as remittances towards family maintenance and remittances favoring foreign tourists visiting India are permissible. No outward remittance from India is permissible under MTSS.

The service is targeted to particularly fulfill the needs of NRI dependent families in India, visiting International tourists and foreign students studying in India.

Inward Remittance

As a result of the collaboration of Alankit Forex India Limited with Western Union Financial Services International Money transfer Service is now available through Alankit forex India limited Branches and Agents Network in India, which enables instantaneous remittance of money from around 200 countries to India.

Alankit forex Alankit forex india limited has a strong network of 23 branches & more than 8000 Network Agent which will help Receipients to collect money in minutes after the sender has made the remittance.

Building Money Without Boundaries

Our team of professionals ensures that the remittance process is rapid through Western Union and the remitted money reaches the right person.


Each transaction for money remittance takes place electronically and secured through Western Union international server. It is the most reliable source during the documentation and payment process and is ensured that money reaches safe in the right hands.

Easy and Effortless

The procedures to remit money through Western Union are easy and effortless. To receive money in India, it requires a user to fill and sign a receiving Form in order to bring transparency to finance. Our team of qualified personnel assists you through the entire process. Alankit ensures that money reaches to the recipient on time and without any hassle.

Safe money transfer guaranteed

In the ever increasing age of cybercrime, our technology driven procedures and reliable network of money transfer service like Western Union eliminates the risk of any fraudulent activity and ensures that your money is in safe hands till it reaches the right person on time.


Western Union money transfer service is approved by the Reserve Bank of India. It brings you the convenience of sending money from your place of residence to any bank account across India.

Reserve Bank Of India Guidelines: A Guide On Inward Remittance

  • Remittance made under this scheme shall not exceed the limit of USD 2,500 or its equal value.
  • If the beneficiary is an overseas tourist, payments will be disbursed in Indian Rupees only.
  • Recipients permissible to receive not more than 30 remittances annually.
  • Payments to be made against proper and valid identification.
  • Payment to the receiver in India to be made in Indian currency only.
  • Not permissible to route trade related remittances, remittances towards property purchase, investments or amount credited to NRE/FCNR accounts etc. or donations/contributions made to charitable organizations, etc. through this scheme.
  • For Indian Residents, payments exceeding the limit of Rs.50, 000/- to be paid only via Cheque /Pay Order/direct credit or by Demand Draft.
  • Outbound money transfer through this mode is not permissible.

Why Alankit?

Hassle Free : We have a single window system where all you have to do is name the service you need. Our partners will help you from A to Z of the entire process and will make sure that you leave our desk with a smile of satisfaction.

Lightening Fast: In a few minutes of the money being remitted from the source , it gets credited to the beneficiary system. The confidentiality and integrity of the entire transaction is maintained by the super secure network of Western Union.

Legal accounting: By following all the rules and policies laid down by the respective regulatory authority , we ensure that there are no legal implications of the transactions that you make at Alankit. Our agent partners help you follow all the requisite laws of the land so that you abide by them and don't land up in any unnecessary legal complications.




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